PulseOn Awarded with Innovation of Learning Award

PulseOn, the platform for personalized learning solutions, has been awarded with the Innovation of Learning Award by The IPON, an independent platform for Innovation in the Dutch educational market.
We believe that the only way to succeed in today’s society and in the future is to give each person the learning experience that meets their individual needs and is deeply engaging. That is what inspired us to create PulseOn. Our mission is to maximize human potential through personalized learning environments, worldwide.

Personalized Learning

PulseOn delivers a personalized learning experience in any learning organization. PulseOn adapts to the student’s level of development, their effort, ambition and their unique learning style.

Educational Heartbeat

PulseOn puts the student at the heart of the learning experience: a self-directed learning solution. Define your own path and reach your goals.

Personalized Teaching

PulseOn enables teachers to better coach their students. To become an effective coach, a teacher must have detailed and continuously updated information on a student’s progress and achievements at their fingertips.

Path to Personalized Learning

PulseOn is the product for the path to personalized learning. We define personalized learning as the unique learning path for every student, based on the student’s goals, progress and passion.
We believe that in any learning organization – both schools and businesses – the teacher has a strong influence on a student’s personalized learning path. By giving the teacher clear insight into their student’s activities, achievements and ambitions, the teacher is more capable of supporting a personalized environment.

  • Track your achievements

    The advanced goal-structure supports standards such as Common Core, ERK, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) allows for solid achievement tracking.

  • Learning Analytics

    PulseOn generates advanced insights with learning analytics. Student’s data is unified over time and PulseOn gives insight into a student’s progress in regards to time, quality, proficiency, and his unique learning path.

  • Teaching 21st Century Skills

    PulseOn enables teachers to better coach their students and work towards 21st century skills. PulseOn gives actionable insights and feedback to change the teaching strategy and match each student’s learning path.

  • PulseOn Experience

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Every Device

About us

We are a very dedicated and enthusiastic team and we believe that we can make a difference in the way people learn. We believe that by putting the student at the heart of the learning process and providing personalized learning environments, we can maximize human potential.

We believe that an open content structure helps us deliver the best information from any source to each individual. Content ranges from professional educational publishers to available online sources. Also, specific content is developed by teachers to support their course material. We believe that each individual should be able to experience their personalized learning path on their own device.

By putting the best developers and educational specialist together we want to develop the perfect tool that gives our users the ability to personalize learning. We believe in co-creating and are eager to get input from our users in order to perfect the usability and jointly develop the path to personalized learning.

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